Friday, March 30, 2007

AdvisorOnID ends

Gene Chapman, the Alliance Presidential candidate for whom I had been working as Intelligent Design Advisor, has withdrawn from the race. Unfortunately, he has deleted my blog as well. This site will thus now become my official home page. Here is my e-mail response I sent to him:

"In a message dated 3/29/2007 8:32:28 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
I've carried the ball as far down field as I can. With 4 jobs and school starting in June, along with not having a truck to carry me to presidential debates, I see no way to continue the campaign.

Hi Gene!

Sorry to hear of your campaign's retirement. Keep up your courage though. The work is not really about who's President - it is too far away an office. In order to regain the Federal government, we will have to regain the county councils and city mayorships. Our Constitution Party here in Greenville is working right now on electing a wonderful candidate, Butch Taylor, in a Special Election May 8 for our County Council. Taylor has only one opponent, as there is no Demo(publican) in the race. :-) It's a great opportunity!

I wish you had given me prior notice of deleting my blog; while I have most of the really good articles saved at (my Worldviews Revolution site), and have also printed out numerous articles and comments, I can never regain the vast majority of the comments or articles.

You may be interested to know that I had asked God, two days before you sent my Dad that e-mail in August '06 regarding me as Evolution Advisor, whether there were not something I could be doing which could have an impact somewhere. In essence I said, "What am I to do next?" I felt a response of simply, "Wait and see." So I was not quite surprised when my Dad handed me that e-mail. More like, awed.

Similarly, a week ago Tuesday, I asked God whether there were not something more I could be doing. As you may know, the visits to the AdvisorOnID site had plummeted, and the atheists who commented were becoming more and more irrational and the arguments were going in pure cycles. I furthermore felt that the AdvisorOnID site had accomplished the purpose for which God (and I believe you as well) wanted me to have it: to refine my views, define my key terms, and learn about blogs themselves. The answer I felt from God, even more strong than before (and nearly audible) was "Watch and see." So I was not quite surprised when I received this e-mail. More like, awed.

What I will do next (for now):

1. Finish the research paper for AiG
2. Work on the Taylor election bid
3. Launch the a.k.a. SC Liberty Alliance project in earnest

I am also going to try to recover the name "" for myself to use to re-direct what traffic I had to the more generalized Worldviews Revolution site.

I will be supporting Ron Paul for President.

Keep up the battle for Biblicism! Thanks for the great experience of blogging and campaigning for this wonderful cause of our supremely, actually "Intelligent" Creator. :-)

Your friend, R. Josiah Magnuson"


Anonymous said...

You shouldn't let him off so easy. That blog was your work, and I'm sure it took a significant amount of time to write it. Gene should be ashamed for destroying something that wasn't his to destroy.

I'm sorry it happened, but a lot of people tried to warn you about being involved with Gene. I guess this is one of those things you had to learn the hard way, unfortunately.

Worldviews Revolution said...

I figure Gene quit more out of frustration than anything. So the deal with the e-mail I sent was primarily to cheer him up. My Dad sent him something more pointed, however.