Thursday, February 07, 2008

Now Anything Can Happen

Mitt Romney is out of the race for President!!! This interesting and unexpected occurence is being debated everywhere as to whether it benefits the good Dr. Paul or not.

Romney said that one of the reasons he is dropping out is because he did not want to be part of a cause which aims to "surrender to terror." In other words, he is trying to avoid a brokered convention in which Ron Paul would have a shot. (By the way, another of Romney's patent falsehoods is that Ron Paul believes terrorists "don't exist." In actuality, he simply wants to defeat them constitutionally.)

The mainstream media is now trumpeting a McCain-Huckabee ticket. But the other man in the race, our hero, is not done yet.

Here is a scenario, which could be more than likely: First, McCain gains several close victories against Huckabee. Huckabee drops out in early April or so; or perhaps even after Texas in March. Second, there is a two-man race, and attention must turn to Ron Paul. I would not doubt if the media would try to continue the blackout, but people such as Rush Limbaugh, James Dobson, and others who have stated complete mistrust in McCain will no doubt keep their eyes on him. Third, Paul will then win against McCain in some of the last few primaries. This will give him momentum coming into the convention. Finally, many Romney and Huckabee delegates will vote against McCain, thus casting a vote for Ron Paul and sealing him the nomination.

On the other hand, if Huckabee begins to do better, he may not drop out until later and we may see a race split three ways for a while. This case might be all the better. The more delegates Huckabee can win against McCain, the more votes Ron Paul will have when Huck drops out. Of course, Huck will not endorse Ron Paul, but his people are more conservative than he is and I think they will not appreciate a ticket with him as McCain's VP.

Whatever the case, it is IMPERATIVE that Ron Paul win those final few states. It would also be wonderful if he could win Texas. If he has no momentum at the convention, I believe he will be soundly defeated, and this cause will be lost for the present.

There are three things which will benefit us greatly if they were implemented:

1. Hammer down NOW on the issue of illegal immigration. With Romney gone, Ron Paul is the only candidate who has any semblence of strength on border security, ending birthright citizenship, and opposing amnesty. There needs to be an immediate campaign documenting McAmnesty and Huckster's records on this issue.

2. Zone in more than ever on the principle of fiscal conservativism. Emphasize that Huckabee DID NOT believe in Biblical monetary policy before he came up against Ron Paul in the debates. Continue stating that belief in less government is the traditional Republican position.

3. Stop campaigning against Rudy Guiliani. He is out of the race, and has been since at least the middle of January. Do not talk about 9-11, and do not voluntarily bring up the "humble foreign policy" concept to Republican voters, as they have shown that this is not something they currently agree with. Emphasize, instead, Ron Paul's belief in a strong military and personal gun rights.

We must also learn that we cannot count on the official campaign to implement these things. We must do them ourselves. Even so, we should try to contact them and see if they will listen. By now they should be realizing their strength is in the ideas of the grassroots.

Please join me in giving to the Ron Paul campaign, or (perhaps better) to a conservative grassroots program which can gain publicity and propel Dr. Paul and his ideas of republicanism, the Constitution, and unalienable rights from the Creator, to the GOP nomination.

The insiders and Mitt Romney may think they have just pushed Ron Paul out into no-where, but they may have done the best thing for him yet. We can win! Keep up the great work, everyone.


-R. Josiah Magnuson

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